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Tenderoni Cheese
Sauce Mix

The perfect accompaniment to a variety of pasta dishes. Tenderoni cheese sauce mix can also be used with many other foods, like steamed vegetables, rice and popcorn.


TENDERONI PASTA is made from the finest durum wheat semolina to give you delicious old-world taste and ‘al dente’ texture for your special pasta dishes. With TENDERONI you get the healthy advantage of enriched semolina, making TENDERONI the perfect pasta for health-conscious pasta lovers.


TENDERONI PASTA is available in several popular shapes, including Spaghetti, Spinach Spaghetti, Linguine, Elbows, Penne Rigate, Rotini (Twist), Conghigle (Shell) Fettuccine, Spinach Spaghetti, Rigatoni, Vegetable Twist, Vegetable Shells, and Chow Mein Noodles


Mac & Cheese Dinner

Home style Mac & Cheese now made easy. Tenderoni macaroni and a pouch of Tenderoni Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix that allows you to mix into the pasta with other ingredients, packs a powerful punch of flavor in every bite.


From the Italian word for "strings." A versatile pasta shape, Tenderoni spaghetti can be used in entrées, side dishes, cold salads, or broken and used in soups.


Toss spaghetti with almost any pasta sauce of varying thickness. Tomato or cream sauces, broth-based sauces, olive oil tosses and meat sauces all work well with spaghetti.


Short tubular pasta in a semi circle shape. The larger version to Tenderoni small elbows, stands up to creamy sauces.


"Little ribbons" in Italian, this shape originated in Rome. This flat string of pasta also comes in Spinach. Fettuccine is classically paired with Alfredo Sauce, a rich cream sauce with Parmesan cheese.


This robust pasta is best in entrées and side dishes. Cream sauces, olive oil or butter pairs well with Tenderoni Fettuccine, but tomato sauces of medium to thick consistency can also be used.

Small Elbow

Elbows are short curved tubular pasta in a semi-circle shape. Elbows are versatile because of their short cooking time and familiar shape. Most commonly associated with "Macaroni & Cheese", Tenderoni elbows can also be used with tomato-based or creamy sauces in entrées or in salads, soups and baked dishes.

Penne Rigate

From the Latin for "feathers" (reminiscent of old-fashioned quill pens), Penne Rigate is diagonally cut tubular shapes with ridged surfaces. Versatile in size and shape.


Use it in entrées, side dishes, soup, oven bakes or cold salads. Most pasta sauces are great with Tenderoni penne rigate, but thinner sauces will cling to ridges in penne.

Rotini is corkscrew or spiral shaped pasta, about 1-1/2-inches long. One of the most versatile of all pasta shapes, you can use Tenderoni rotini in entrées, oven bakes, side dishes, soups and cold salads. This pretty shape can be paired with almost any favorite pasta sauce.

Conchiglie (shell)

Called "conchiglie" in Italian, there are many sizes of these seashell-shaped pastas. Everyone loves Small Shells in entrées, side dishes, soups and cold salads.


Any favorite medium to thick pasta sauce works with Tenderoni small shells.


Rigatoni is large ribbed tubes about 1-1/2-inches long. This chunky pasta is frequently used in oven baked dishes, but it can also be used in pasta "tosses" and salads. Hearty, rich sauces, either creamy or tomato-based, complement Rigatoni. Rich meat sauces are often paired with Tenderoni rigatoni.


A favourite amongst pasta shapes, some culinary authorities think the name comes from Vulgur Latin "lasania", meaning "cooking pot". Tenderoni lasagna are ripple-edged strips about 2-1/4-inches wide and 10-inches long. Almost exclusively used to make oven-baked entrées.


Vegetable Shells

A healthier alternative to the regular, shell shaped pasta. Made from spinach, and beet or tomato powders.

Spinach Fettucine

The Spinach alternative to Tenderoni's original fettucine made from 100% durum wheat semolina and spinach powder and be used in a variety of recipes like regular fettucine.

Spinach Spaghetti

Chowmein noodles are Chinese noodles traditionally made from wheat flour. Through a proprietary process Tenderoni Chow Mein Noodles are made strictly from the finest durum wheat semolina giving you an unsurpassed quality of noodles superior in taste, texture and nutritional value.


Our most beloved pasta shape. “We ‘pre-cut’ the traditional long macaroni so you don’t have to break them yourself. Same great quality & Taste but with less effort.

Vegetable Twists

The tri color version of Tenderoni's regular twist pasta made from 100% durum wheat semolina, spinach, beet or tomato powders.

Moringa Twists

The world's first Moringa based pasta made from the 100% durum wheat semolina and moringa oleifeira powder, can be used in a variety of pasta dishes like regular twists.

The spinach alternative to Tenderoni's original Spaghetti made from the 100% durum wheat semolina and spinach powders, can be used in a variety of pasta dishes like regular spaghetti

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