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There is no love sincerer than the love for pasta. 

"Life's A Combination of Magic & Pasta."

pasta making

How We Make Pasta?

Whether you’re a student researching, a nutritionist probing nutrition facts, a housewife pursuing delicious pasta recipes, a distributor seeking profitable opportunities, a retailer considering private labeling through contract manufacturing, you’ve landed the right place. We’ve got something for everyone.

Tenderoni Foods Inc. offers pasta products of unsurpassed quality and taste, and at unbeatable prices.

With our recently commissioned fully automated Italian-made plant, and through a recently forged strategic alliance, we have access to an enormous scale and virtually unlimited capacity rendering us the Caribbean’s biggest pasta distributor.


Benefitting from a vertically integrated structure incorporating semolina milling and laminated film production, we’re able to offer exceptional and consistent quality, efficient fulfillment and best prices.

Welcome … browse, learn … contact. Enjoy!


Rudy Gurley.

Chairman of Tenderoni Foods Inc

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